Sunday, July 15, 2007

Almost Legal!

The time is drawing nearer.

I will soon be able to buy cigarettes, enter clubs, and purchase porn if I feel it is necessary.
But like many years previous, I don't want my birthday to come. Yes, I am excited about the benefits of turning eighteen, but I would rather not be reminded of school. I guess that is the common flaw with all summer birthdays: it's a excruciating reminder of the new school year. Its almost like a reality check for me to start completing the summer assignments I have so easily overlooked while laying out by the pool. However, this summer, I have at least tried to start some of my assignments. For example: I purchased my AP summer reading entitled "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbra Kingsolver and have already begun to read it; 78 pages to be exact. Yes, only 428 more to go. BORING.

I leave you with a mixed emotions regarding my upcoming birthday.

-An Artful Affiar

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jovanina said...

For the record I actually read the Poisonwood Bible of my own accord a few years ago, and I liked it. But then again I have always expressed a deep passion for going to Africa some day...