Sunday, November 30, 2008

goodbye home

I have a lot to learn.

- Marko

Friday, November 28, 2008

music moves my soul

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course. However this year was was odd: there were only four of us trying to consume a 23 pound turkey. The absence of Michael and Matthew turned about an eerie chapter in our apatite; we could hardly indulge and partially were reluctant to finish the bountiful meal of thanks. Perhaps this was in part due to how strange being at home really felt.

I don't feel the same here. This isn't my home; I no longer live in this place. It's so different: you expect to come home and actually feel like a place that is comforting, but I just feel uncomfortable. I could hardly sleep the first night, and other nights since I have stayed up as last as possible, only falling asleep by pure exhaustion.

Music is what I always fall back on when I am alone. And while on one of these late night adventures, I was able to watch the entire biography of Edith Piaf, a famous French singer whose lyrics can move mountains. She is an extraordinary women and the recent movie about her life was amazing. This you tube excursion led to the discovery of three of my new favorite bands : Fleet Foxes, Emily Jane Smith and She & Him.

Check them all out.

Currently listening to: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

artist of the day

In the midst of cleaning the bathroom, washing a few dishes and clothes, I came across an artist online. Her name is Mellissa Moss and her graphic style painting is quite charming. I could not help but post her work for all to see. 

"fruitful", acrylic on wood, 5"x5"

"the arrival", acrylic on wood, 4"x4"

"stuk", acrylic and gouache on wood, 7"x7"

Her characters are really interesting. I get the impression that they may be sea monkeys, but I could be wrong. Her color choices are beautiful.

On this cleaning break, I was able to make a delicious salad again. Just take a look at the organic treat:

Now, back to packing up my stuff. I have to go home tonight, even though it's Cody and I's two month anniversary. We celebrated last night with dinner at Chili's and dessert at Cold Stone, but it would be nice just to stay for another night.


currently tuning into: Book of Right On by Joanna Newsom

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

eat don't weep

My break officially began on Monday at 3:30 when Cody picked me up from my dorm. After helping me move my shit into his car, we set off back to Little Rock. It was in the car ride where he disclosed the copious amount of things he had purchased that day, and to much surprise, I wasn't that mad at him. His best find were these beautiful curtains that he picked up from Goodwill for only 7.50. They match the dinning room perfectly. I will have a picture up soon, once I get my camera back from Alex. 

The night was going to be fantastic, Cody, Rosemary and I were going over to Kacie's apartment to have a little early Thanksgiving meal. This idea was shot up once Kacie called and told Rosemary that her roommate was sick and laid up on the coach. So, we moved the party to Cody's house. The move gave us little time to prepare. But, we managed.

Each person had an important part in the dinner. Cody made the main course; an herb stuffed pork tenderloin, while Rosemary made her delicious green bean caesural and backed sweat potatoes. Kacie and I had the easy part: I whipped up some organic deviled eggs and an organic blueberry pomegranate mixed salad with walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds while she made the rolls. Everything we had was perfect and was beyond mouthwatering.

After eating so much food, we all felt sleep deprived and headed off to bed. Now, Cody is at work and I am at his house counting the minutes until he gets back. I got up when he did to get my computer and clothes from his car so that I can do something productive today.

I already went on a run. I enjoyed it so much, partially because I have missed it and partially because Hillcrest is such a beautiful neighborhood. Its just a great community, everything is in walking distance and no one seems to be unfriendly. I suppose I will spend the rest of my day working on my Comp 1 assignments. I hate that class, but thats beside the point.


I hope everyone is happy now.
Spelling is irrelevant, its about content.

Monday, November 24, 2008

the day begins

I have packed almost everything I could for the Thanksgiving Break. But, there still is a lingering sense of something I may leave behind. A dreamlike tangibility to the desolated world that is my dorm room. I will not miss this place over the next week. In fact, I am quite excited to leave. I have only two classes today, all of my art classes are canceled due to SMAI's. Which, I suppose, is a good thing for me. I only have one more class left at 2:00. It's a writing class, so I don't really have much to do. With the exception of the homework I have so easily neglected over this weekend break. I have two hours to do it, so I am not worried at all. As always, I like to post what I am wearing for the day. However, this morning I didn't wake in a timely manner to dress but in my sleeping clothes. So, after my philosophy class I came back to find something unique to wear. Unique is such an awkward word. I was at a loss at what to wear, but I found inspiration from my favorite street style site overseas. I love looking at this site. Perhaps later I will disclose its exact location. For now, I need to do my homework and finish packing.

My week is going to be the best ever. I will spend the first couple of days with Cody. Then, on Wednesday night I will be returning home to see my family. I haven't talk to much of them lately. So, it will be nice to see them again. 

Currently listening to Banshee Beat, by Animal Collective.

Oh, before I forget: I need to list my homework.
* Color Theory Study and Mounted
* 4x6 Sketches of Work Study [4 structured drawings]
*Mount all works and final color study.
*24x30 Final drawing [10 figures in space]
*Star Writer Assignments and Fill out Notebook



Sunday, November 23, 2008

the funeral begins today

Friday night was a terrible loss... the best-kept-secret party of Little Rock, Cool Shoes, was murdered by 4x4 and over publication.It is a sad day for us all who love to swivel our dancing feet on the glorious concrete floor all while the beat goes on. Desperately clinging to our alcoholic drinks in attempt to keep them from turning over, we shared fun and laughter and, for me, even love. But the November Cool Shoes was a little odd, something, the original cool shoes followers could sense in the air.

 To our surprise the place was packed, and we made our best efforts to appear slightly optimistic in the midst of the putrid aroma of B.O. and beer. The warmth is what kept us in; it was below freezing that night and standing outside with the sea of cancer inhalers seemed unappealing. 

Soon, we pushed back the unfamiliar faces and made our way towards the stage. Strange: the familiar DJ table was blocked by three performers. We were listening to a live version a household rap, a version that was all to familiar of my high school lunch room. However, Cody, Elizabeth, Rosemary and I made our best attempts to cut the lyrics and move to the beat. This failed miserably. But hope was near; Wolf-e-Wolf was about to play and the unwelcomed crowd began to filter away. Finally a beat we could all recognize, it was like eating chocolate cake after fasting for three months. 

But this did not solve our disappointment. Our feet were confined, suffocated by overweight dusch bags who could hardly pick up their feet. People didn't come that night to dance, they came to let their bodies build more fat for the cold winter ahead. It was ridiculous. How can you dance when people all around you are stationed like a brink house, barely swaying side to side.

The only thing that was successful about the night was my outfit.
- Marko

Friday, November 21, 2008

a time to reflect

Lately, I feel as if my style has leveled out. I struggle to find inspiration in the clothes I already own. Everything thing appears to be a repeat of looks I created in the later years of my high school. I need something different. A spark to relight my fashion savviness. 
Last night I decided that today I would go to Salvation Army in Conway and splurge on unusual items that would benefit my new since of creativity. So after my contemporary moral problems philosophy class, I set off with Katie England. We spent 30 minutes there and I racked in some awesome buys. Two pairs of shoes [one pair maroon ankle boots and maroon kenneth cole loafers], yellow suspenders, a hat, a large white knit sweater, an off-white button down, and a large coat. I only spent 22 bucks! It was wonderful!

As soon as I got to my dorm, I began to play dress up. The room is a reck but I am satisfied with my choice of purchases.

Cool Shoes is tonight, and I am definately prepared to wear those suppenders. Here is a preview:
- Marko