Tuesday, November 25, 2008

eat don't weep

My break officially began on Monday at 3:30 when Cody picked me up from my dorm. After helping me move my shit into his car, we set off back to Little Rock. It was in the car ride where he disclosed the copious amount of things he had purchased that day, and to much surprise, I wasn't that mad at him. His best find were these beautiful curtains that he picked up from Goodwill for only 7.50. They match the dinning room perfectly. I will have a picture up soon, once I get my camera back from Alex. 

The night was going to be fantastic, Cody, Rosemary and I were going over to Kacie's apartment to have a little early Thanksgiving meal. This idea was shot up once Kacie called and told Rosemary that her roommate was sick and laid up on the coach. So, we moved the party to Cody's house. The move gave us little time to prepare. But, we managed.

Each person had an important part in the dinner. Cody made the main course; an herb stuffed pork tenderloin, while Rosemary made her delicious green bean caesural and backed sweat potatoes. Kacie and I had the easy part: I whipped up some organic deviled eggs and an organic blueberry pomegranate mixed salad with walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds while she made the rolls. Everything we had was perfect and was beyond mouthwatering.

After eating so much food, we all felt sleep deprived and headed off to bed. Now, Cody is at work and I am at his house counting the minutes until he gets back. I got up when he did to get my computer and clothes from his car so that I can do something productive today.

I already went on a run. I enjoyed it so much, partially because I have missed it and partially because Hillcrest is such a beautiful neighborhood. Its just a great community, everything is in walking distance and no one seems to be unfriendly. I suppose I will spend the rest of my day working on my Comp 1 assignments. I hate that class, but thats beside the point.


I hope everyone is happy now.
Spelling is irrelevant, its about content.


cody said...

what a beautiful little life you have.

...typo's and all.


Katy Tipton said...

you really are a terrible speller. GET A DICTIONARY. i know your Mac has one, so make use of it... please. it's so painful to read how NASTY you are. gahhhd.

natalie said...

What you lack in spelling, you make up in artistic expression.

& you're right- we should get together during break. If not Thanksgiving, maybe winter?

Tori said...

sounds so delightful!