Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My goal in life is to leave an impression in yours.

I am a man with a sensitive heart and a creative mind that is driven by perfection. However, the latter is thrown around loosely in my everyday life only because my idea of perfection is slightly twisted from its dictionary definition. Meaning: I am an organized disaster. I consider myself as an artist; whether you choose to agree or not, I am what I am. Being creative is what I was born to do and for this reason I am ready to pursue such an open-minded career. I am the best bullshitter that you’ll ever meet. This quality has become very useful for reasons unnecessary to explain through an internet website. Most of the drama in my existence comes from my inability to accept defeat or, in reality, being wrong. Stubborn is one word that could easily be used both for and against me when related to my personality. I like to be busy and at times stressed out. I think it brings out the best in me. Driving through the United States, listening to music all while spending quality time with some of the most amazing people on earth is one of my many hobbies. I consider myself a hopeless romantic and it really is hopeless because I do not really even understand relationships. I doubt I ever will. Don't get me wrong, I want you to know something "about me" obviously or I would not have filled out this very section; nonetheless, I just want it to be memorable. Which is to say, this is the beginning of my attempts to reach my goal. You are what I need to succeed.