Monday, March 30, 2009

i fell asleep

Back to school and I am already confusing reality.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

>>move'n on up

It has been about a week since my last blog entry and for this I formally apologize. I have been completely tied up in life outside of the computer. This weekend sure was a busy one.

Friday, Taylor took me home to North Little Rock for me to see my older brother Matthew who drove into down before his spring break trip to LA to see my oldest brother Michael. We got to spend some quality and much needed time together before his departure. Later that day, my mom, took me to Cody's house. He just recently was evicted from his home because he complained about the mold problem. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because they found an amazing home just down the road. Friday was the start of the move. Cody's brother Casey came down to help with the smaller things, which was great because we got to spend time all together. It was a much needed activity. Shuffling things back and forth between homes, we grew hungry. Rosemary was there to save our dismay. She made a whole stack of grilled cheeses, BBQ backed beans, rice and the most delicious green beans ever! Cooking the food you have left in an old house is the best remedy before a move because you don't have to deal with it during the transfer.

Anyway, Saturday we got up around nine and started to prepare for the big move. Cody's mom and dad came in their huge truck and Rosemary's dad came as well in another truck. It took us about four or five trips to move everything out of the house. We finished up around three, and ate a nice lunch: pulled pork BBQ, slaw, beans and potato salad. It was really monumental in our relationship to have Cody's entire family there. I mean, they are all aware that we are together, especially his brother and mom, but I think his dad likes to think of me as Cody's good friend. Either way, it was really important for us both. I really appreciate Cody's parents. I can see all of his best qualities from them and I know he was raised well. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our families.

As much as we wanted to take a nap that day, we couldn't. There was too much to do: unpack, organize, clean, rearrange, etc. By nine, it was down to just Cody, Rosemary and I and we were really hungry. We headed down the road to eat at Cajuan's Grill which turned out to be a really awesome place. They sure did know how to make a great margirita. After about two, we were all seeing double. When we got home, we crashed.

I wish I could say that my weekend ended there, and that Sunday I got up and went to church with Cody, but I can't. I had to work. I went in around 10:00 and did not get out until around 6:00. I was beat to the ground and needed a nap big time. This exhaustion passed over into my Monday: I almost did not get up for class. Oops.

I do have a lot to look forward to this week though, my spring break starts on Thursday! Say hello to working everyday and sweet goodnights next to the one I love. I just pray the week goes by fast!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

>they are coming

As some may have read in a previous blog, I mad all three pieces into the annual Student Competitive 2009. The show was a great success with a huge crowd and even some familiar faces. My mom drove up here, despite her fever, to see the wonderful gallery space.

This picture shows the entrance gallery space that leads into the larger room. Two of my pieces were in here. You can kinda see my wallpaper on the right and my other drawing on brown paper on the wall furthest back.

Here are those pieces:

What was once will become natural silhouettes
coffee grinds, acrylic, acetone, permanent marker, collage
72" x 36"

I am not me
graphite, colored pencil, pen, charcoal, acrylic, tape
32" x 48"

But, I still had one more piece. This last piece is actually the work that I was awarded "EXCELLENCE" on and received a 100 dollar prize. They announced my name right before the grand prize winner, and I already knew I had an award because the curator told me, but not which one. So, getting down to the last two, my heart was racing so fast. I was so close to the grand prize of 500 bucks!

The view from inside the main gallery.

Hear Them Coming
plaster, baling wire, small gage wire

This was my first three dimensional piece I have created for my undergraduate studies. I can not be more proud that it made it into the show, let alone win. But the hat really goes off to one of my favorite teachers, Holly Laws. She had more of her student work in the show than anyone else. Two of my pieces were from her class, one from last semester and the winner from this semester. She is a wonderful teacher indeed.

The show will be up until March 15, 2009. So, if you can stop by the Baum Gallery, do it! There are some amazing works of art.

- Marko

Monday, March 9, 2009

>>I just spilt that.

Oops. I gave away my insecurities this weekend. It is time for me to live a meaningful life without all these fears. I finished it off. I tipped over the fragile bucket. And now, I am watching the water evaporate in the beautiful weather that is today. Thanks three dots. You are what held me while I watch the river flow out. Thanks three dots. I slept so soundly next to you. Thanks three dots.


I love you.

- Marko

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oh interior space, take me with you

While stumbling across several blogs, I came across the most beautiful house I have ever seen:
The Maison NW Project takes place in the headquaters of a former printing house in Paris, dating back to the 1950's. The space has been transformed for nine artists. To read more about the house check out this blog.

I want these stairs so bad!

- Marko

Monday, March 2, 2009

>>>make it work

In Holly's class currently we are working on a projected called planner analysis. The assignment is to take a three-dimensional object and assess the object's form by looking closely at its surface plains. In order to build the form in real space, we must first break it down into its simplest two-dimensional origin. Recently, as some may have notice, my creatures have been invading my artwork like water unleashed from a crack in a damn. It should be no surprise then that these creatures have then surfaced into my working in 3D.

For this particular task, I wanted to make the suites these guys wear. To do this I must first build a maquette. I have already done this out of aluminum fencing wire, oil based clay and a little bit of love. I decided to photograph the figure in the room in which it was complete:

They can be mischievous.

- Marko