Monday, March 2, 2009

>>>make it work

In Holly's class currently we are working on a projected called planner analysis. The assignment is to take a three-dimensional object and assess the object's form by looking closely at its surface plains. In order to build the form in real space, we must first break it down into its simplest two-dimensional origin. Recently, as some may have notice, my creatures have been invading my artwork like water unleashed from a crack in a damn. It should be no surprise then that these creatures have then surfaced into my working in 3D.

For this particular task, I wanted to make the suites these guys wear. To do this I must first build a maquette. I have already done this out of aluminum fencing wire, oil based clay and a little bit of love. I decided to photograph the figure in the room in which it was complete:

They can be mischievous.

- Marko


Tori said...

when are you gonna let me take photos of this!?

natalie said...

Hahaha, I love these photos!

cody said...

this makes SOOO much more sense to me now!!!

I was imagining the thing to be this little bitty creature.

That's definitely big enought to work with.

these pictures are really cool.