Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oh interior space, take me with you

While stumbling across several blogs, I came across the most beautiful house I have ever seen:
The Maison NW Project takes place in the headquaters of a former printing house in Paris, dating back to the 1950's. The space has been transformed for nine artists. To read more about the house check out this blog.

I want these stairs so bad!

- Marko


ca_biteli said...

this is sooo cool.. loved it

Katy said...

i wonder how expensive that would be... i love the hammock/canopy. and those stairs! holy shittttt.

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

i don't know. but regardless, it is amazingly beautiful in design. something so graphic, yet hold this comfortability. yums.

natalie said...

Although I can sometimes be turned off by such rigid lines & modern "feels" to rooms, architecture, etc., there is something magical about this place. Maybe I imagine all of the artists together, planning out this dream-like artist oasis. I really dig this home. Lets move there!

Tori said...

ahh i agree with what natalie said-let's move there!
or better yet, build our own!
(i actually have a folder in my computer entitled "dreamy homes" that i someday hope to come to for inspiration if i ever get the chance to design & build my own home...& the hammock photo is definitely going in it!

Daysha said...

These "areas" almost look like some parts of SCAD and FIDM. Both schools looked so alike, and like these photos to a certain extent.
Love it.