Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Today is a wonderful day. While giving a tour for the FOCC on campus today to see the amazing art facilities that the University of Central Arkansas has, I got a sneak peak into the 2009 Student Competitive juried art show in the Baum Gallery. Guess whose three pieces entered made it? Thats right - take a look:

41 Artists, 61 Pieces
in alphabetical order
Gallery Opening will be
THURSDAY, MARCH 5th from 4pm-6pm
and another
SUNDAY, MARCH 7th from 2pm-4pm

Rainbow Puke Illustration Nichole Atwell
Epic Failure Brett Anderson
Voices in My Head Ella Appleby
Stress Fractures Will Ballard
Music Brings Life Will Ballard
Untitled Christin Beck
Male #1-4 Ray Brown
Coming Out of My Shell Jason Busby
Some Assembly Required Karen Chrisco
Just Add Water! Melissa Conley
Southern Comfort Lauren Crymes
Pieces Stephanie Darnell
Giraffe Kelly Dugan
Bikini Kelly Dugan
Fabrication by Means of Ink Jenn Eakin
The Look Ashly Eaton
Bioconsumption Hector R. Garcia
Self-construction Hector R. Garcia
Nightmarish of Capitalism Hector R. Garcia
Self-Portrait Celeste Goff
Timeless Stroll Perri Gregg (Snr/BA Art)
Self-Evaluation Perri Gregg (Snr/BA Art)
My Journey & My Thoughts Terri Hayes (Snr/BFA Art)
The Isle Terri Hayes (Snr/BFA Art)
Anxious P.J. Holder (Jr/BFA Art)
Hunger Artist P.J. Holder (Jr/BFA Art)
Thorns – isolation P.J. Holder (Jr/BFA Art)
The Nest Protector Mary K. Hull (Jr/Art)
Wrecked Sidney Jones (Jr/Art Ed)
Phases Renon W. Koontz (Jr/Art)
Vitality Melissa Kordsmeier (Snr/BFA Art)
Self Portrait Melissa Kordsmeier (Snr/BFA Art)
Do We Part Melissa Kordsmeier (Snr/BFA Art)
Memorable Road Trip Destin Layton (Snr/BFA Graphics)
Invention Series Destin Layton (Snr/BFA Graphics)
…In the Blood Grant Looney (Snr/BA Art)
The Differences in Life Katelyn Lowery (Fr/BA Art)
Four Right Angles Katelyn Lowery (Fr/BA Art)
Self-portrait Alan Masingill (So/BA Art)
Challenges Brandy Meachum (Snr/BA Art)
High Expectations Christan Mitchell (Snr/BA Art)
What was once will become natural… - Mark Monroe (Fr/BA Art)
I am not me - Mark Monroe (Fr/BA Art)
Hear Them Coming - Mark Monroe (Fr/BA Art)
Flayvin Hoyt B. Scott Nichols (Snr/Writing)
Stifle B. Scott Nichols (Snr/Writing)
Truly Human Being: living through death Marianne Nolley (Jr/Art Ed)
Raggedy Ann’s Violin Rachel D. Oliver (So/Art Ed)
Unwinding Rachel D. Oliver (So/Art Ed)
Fall Katie Parker (Jr/BA Art)
Sonatine Will Pollock (So/BA Art)
Bobo & Li’l Debil Will Pollock (So/BA Art
Survival Series: Buddy, Monroe, Ronnie Courtney Rolland (Jr/Art Ed)
An Imperfection Mizuki Sasaki (So/BA Art)
Steps: Self-portrait (Dec. 12th, 2008) Mizuki Sasaki (So/BA Art)
Before the Discovery of Helium Kristen Spickard (Snr/BA Art)
Twenty-Something Kristen Spickard (Snr/BA Art)
Cute as a button Loren Stanton (Jr/Interior Design)
The Red Spot series Shelby Watkins (Snr/Writing)
Anima Arbor John Wolfe (Jr/BA Art)
Arrival John Wolfe (Jr/BA Art)

I am one of two freshman in the show which was juried by our artist in residency, Kerry Skarbakka. He gave a lecture on Thursday about his current photography work. Despite having a lot to do, I was able to attend the afternoon session held in the gallery and took some interesting notes. There is more regarding his discussion on the Baum Gallery Blog.

I want everyone to come to the opening this coming Thursday, if you can.
Oh, and as of now, "e" has been selected for the most popular. Thanks for the votes.

- Marko


Baum Gallery of Fine Art said...

Congrats on getting in the show!! :) we will also have an opening on Sunday if some friends/family can't make it on thursday. :D i'm excited for you!! :) congrats again.

natalie said...

Aw!!!!! Mark!!!!! Congrats!!!