Tuesday, March 10, 2009

>they are coming

As some may have read in a previous blog, I mad all three pieces into the annual Student Competitive 2009. The show was a great success with a huge crowd and even some familiar faces. My mom drove up here, despite her fever, to see the wonderful gallery space.

This picture shows the entrance gallery space that leads into the larger room. Two of my pieces were in here. You can kinda see my wallpaper on the right and my other drawing on brown paper on the wall furthest back.

Here are those pieces:

What was once will become natural silhouettes
coffee grinds, acrylic, acetone, permanent marker, collage
72" x 36"

I am not me
graphite, colored pencil, pen, charcoal, acrylic, tape
32" x 48"

But, I still had one more piece. This last piece is actually the work that I was awarded "EXCELLENCE" on and received a 100 dollar prize. They announced my name right before the grand prize winner, and I already knew I had an award because the curator told me, but not which one. So, getting down to the last two, my heart was racing so fast. I was so close to the grand prize of 500 bucks!

The view from inside the main gallery.

Hear Them Coming
plaster, baling wire, small gage wire

This was my first three dimensional piece I have created for my undergraduate studies. I can not be more proud that it made it into the show, let alone win. But the hat really goes off to one of my favorite teachers, Holly Laws. She had more of her student work in the show than anyone else. Two of my pieces were from her class, one from last semester and the winner from this semester. She is a wonderful teacher indeed.

The show will be up until March 15, 2009. So, if you can stop by the Baum Gallery, do it! There are some amazing works of art.

- Marko


natalie said...


Ahh! I'm so excited, happy, ecstatic, jumping up for joy, all things good for you! You're such a wonderful artist. I just wish I could visit a show & see your art in person. Tori tells me all about it, though. I know it just has to be wonderful. Tori has also told me about Holly Laws. She seems incredible.

Good job, Mark.

Rock on in your artistic adventure :D

Emmadime said...

This puts our gallery to shame.
Bravo on the mula!
...and being a fabulous artist :)

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