Monday, November 24, 2008

the day begins

I have packed almost everything I could for the Thanksgiving Break. But, there still is a lingering sense of something I may leave behind. A dreamlike tangibility to the desolated world that is my dorm room. I will not miss this place over the next week. In fact, I am quite excited to leave. I have only two classes today, all of my art classes are canceled due to SMAI's. Which, I suppose, is a good thing for me. I only have one more class left at 2:00. It's a writing class, so I don't really have much to do. With the exception of the homework I have so easily neglected over this weekend break. I have two hours to do it, so I am not worried at all. As always, I like to post what I am wearing for the day. However, this morning I didn't wake in a timely manner to dress but in my sleeping clothes. So, after my philosophy class I came back to find something unique to wear. Unique is such an awkward word. I was at a loss at what to wear, but I found inspiration from my favorite street style site overseas. I love looking at this site. Perhaps later I will disclose its exact location. For now, I need to do my homework and finish packing.

My week is going to be the best ever. I will spend the first couple of days with Cody. Then, on Wednesday night I will be returning home to see my family. I haven't talk to much of them lately. So, it will be nice to see them again. 

Currently listening to Banshee Beat, by Animal Collective.

Oh, before I forget: I need to list my homework.
* Color Theory Study and Mounted
* 4x6 Sketches of Work Study [4 structured drawings]
*Mount all works and final color study.
*24x30 Final drawing [10 figures in space]
*Star Writer Assignments and Fill out Notebook




natalie said...

Very handsome, indeed. :)

Katy Tipton said...

you are SO nasty. WHOOSH.