Wednesday, November 26, 2008

artist of the day

In the midst of cleaning the bathroom, washing a few dishes and clothes, I came across an artist online. Her name is Mellissa Moss and her graphic style painting is quite charming. I could not help but post her work for all to see. 

"fruitful", acrylic on wood, 5"x5"

"the arrival", acrylic on wood, 4"x4"

"stuk", acrylic and gouache on wood, 7"x7"

Her characters are really interesting. I get the impression that they may be sea monkeys, but I could be wrong. Her color choices are beautiful.

On this cleaning break, I was able to make a delicious salad again. Just take a look at the organic treat:

Now, back to packing up my stuff. I have to go home tonight, even though it's Cody and I's two month anniversary. We celebrated last night with dinner at Chili's and dessert at Cold Stone, but it would be nice just to stay for another night.


currently tuning into: Book of Right On by Joanna Newsom

1 comment:

Tori said...

mmmm joanna newsome! yesssss.
delicious salad! i am about to devour some delicious foood in an hour, yay!
hope your vaca is going lovely!