Friday, November 28, 2008

music moves my soul

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course. However this year was was odd: there were only four of us trying to consume a 23 pound turkey. The absence of Michael and Matthew turned about an eerie chapter in our apatite; we could hardly indulge and partially were reluctant to finish the bountiful meal of thanks. Perhaps this was in part due to how strange being at home really felt.

I don't feel the same here. This isn't my home; I no longer live in this place. It's so different: you expect to come home and actually feel like a place that is comforting, but I just feel uncomfortable. I could hardly sleep the first night, and other nights since I have stayed up as last as possible, only falling asleep by pure exhaustion.

Music is what I always fall back on when I am alone. And while on one of these late night adventures, I was able to watch the entire biography of Edith Piaf, a famous French singer whose lyrics can move mountains. She is an extraordinary women and the recent movie about her life was amazing. This you tube excursion led to the discovery of three of my new favorite bands : Fleet Foxes, Emily Jane Smith and She & Him.

Check them all out.

Currently listening to: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes.



Tori said...

yes! fleet foxes are so beautiful.
listen to "sun god" if you haven't yet!

Katy Tipton said...

glad you've finally gotten into fleet foxes. i tried to get you to listen to them so long ago. you just never listen to me... ever.

Tori said...

it hit me today that i meant sun giant instead of sun god. haha
but whatevz, same thaaang.