Friday, November 21, 2008

a time to reflect

Lately, I feel as if my style has leveled out. I struggle to find inspiration in the clothes I already own. Everything thing appears to be a repeat of looks I created in the later years of my high school. I need something different. A spark to relight my fashion savviness. 
Last night I decided that today I would go to Salvation Army in Conway and splurge on unusual items that would benefit my new since of creativity. So after my contemporary moral problems philosophy class, I set off with Katie England. We spent 30 minutes there and I racked in some awesome buys. Two pairs of shoes [one pair maroon ankle boots and maroon kenneth cole loafers], yellow suspenders, a hat, a large white knit sweater, an off-white button down, and a large coat. I only spent 22 bucks! It was wonderful!

As soon as I got to my dorm, I began to play dress up. The room is a reck but I am satisfied with my choice of purchases.

Cool Shoes is tonight, and I am definately prepared to wear those suppenders. Here is a preview:
- Marko


Tori said...

i LOOOOVE those suspenders!
...& even more, i love 2-PAC in the background.


natalie said...

a bright pair of suspenders... the only thing you need to radiate creativity! Wonderful purchase, Mark :)