Monday, July 2, 2007

Grassroots Creativity

N.E.E.T. Magazine

I only recently found this hip, new magazine that focuses on the creative individual five minutes ago through a friend: thanks Kat! Well, I instantly fell in love. It definitely ranks high in the newer fashion magazines because its ability to relate to its readers. It has everything you need to know about how to express one's own individuality. Personally, I enjoy the "Welcome to my Wardrobe" section which interviews the everyday people who express themselves in a unique but stylish manner. The magazine is overflowing with information pertaining to vintage boutiques and stores online that sell interesting clothes for both women and men. I consider this magazine a must have, much like my other favorites: Nylon and Flaunt.


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hey, i like your blog too its nice and hope the best for you in the future.