Friday, September 5, 2008

Kat Ryals

My good friend Kat Ryal is having her first show tonight at a gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This is a very big thing because Hot Springs is known for really good art! It is going to be a blast. I am leaving here soon, but I may have to miss my first class ever in college. 

I really don't want to miss, but the show starts at 5:00 and I don't get out of my Design class until 5:20. Gross. 
Anyway, here are a couple examples of Kat's work:

However, the good thing about possibly missing class is the fact that I do not have the right materials for the class today. I don't have a car anymore, so its extre
mely hard to run to the store when its ten miles down the road and all I have is my bicycle. Oh well. I need to work on my self portrait anyway. I have to create a black and white collage of me only using textures. It is fairly interesting but not my style of collage. Anyway, I need to look for a really cool picture of myself, but I don't just want a portrait shot. I want it to encompass my style of collage. Frustrated. I need to look for that picture now. So here is my look for today. Gross but it works.

m.monroe 08

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