Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Katy Tipton, one of my best friends, has officially made me obsessed with this one website. Such a website you have to be invited to and it is a source for big time fashion-istas like myself. The website is wonderfully designed and covers areas around the world in order for people like myself to be influenced by what people are currently wearing. All I can say is "yums." [For those of you guys who do not know me, "yums." is my new catch-phrase. Lets just say, if I were on a network reality TV show, there would be an SNL skit about it.]
Anyway, I have only been a part of this website craze for a short time, but two of "my looks" have made it to the "hot list"! Thats me on the top row, fourth column. Here is my other look that made it to the hot list....

and thats the end of that, for now.

m.monroe 08

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