Thursday, December 18, 2008

bar aurora

Coming to Brazil has been a whirlwind of experiences, thus far. Batting an ice storm, killing time with music, etc. On my international flight from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro I had the emergency exit seat, so I was able to extend my legs to its fullest extend. I slept okay, but I was more interested in the "Delta OnDemand" which allowed me to watch the Dark Night, and countless other television shows. This was nice because it made me forget I was on a nine hour flight. 

I was in for a rude awaking when I arrived in Rio, it was cloudy and they lost my main luggage. Despite the gloomy weather, I was optimistic in my attempts to search for my bags, but after an hour of waiting I called it quits. My bag was gone. At this point language became an issue for me, however, I was lucky because one of the workers knew a little English. He informed me that the bag would be reclaimed but would have to be shiped to Camila's house. Thus, I preceeded with her address and tried to figure out where to make my connecting flight. Upstairs, I saw.

Once, there, I checked in my one bag that was not lost and headed towards my gate. This was after I waited in line for thirty minutes only to discover I had to go to a different check in because I was international. At the gate, I waited for my departure that was set at 12:35. Just as I was getting excited the power goes out. No prompter with flight information, no lights, no intercome. Gone. All of it. My thoughts where filled with trepidation. I was afraid to fall asleep or grab something to eat because I didn't want to miss my flight to Sao Paulo. So, I just waited. Two hours later, we leave. I get to Sao Paolo around 15:45

This is the part where I was introduced to Brazilian traffic. It was bumper to bumper for an agonyzing two and a half hours. Luckily, I was able to fall right to sleep and missed the majority of it. I was so exhausted. At his point I had been traveling for exactly 24 hours.

Once home, I napped while everyone ate. I woke up and had the delicious pizza that everyone was chowing on earlier. It was so good! 

We tried to go to two clubs, but they were all too full. Everyone is out for the holidays and it was clearly evident last night: we were almost trampled by the eager teenage clubers. We then settled at a bar called Aurora. We got completely drunk.It was a blast. We did not make it home until 4:30. :]



Daysha said...

I'm so glad you made it to Brazil, safely.. and I'm so excited for you, as well as a bit jealous. Have a wonderful time. Find me a hot Brazilian man and bring him back. Love you.

cody said...

don't forget to take notes on where we should go.

Tori said...

you look so handsome!
did you cut your hair?