Tuesday, January 6, 2009

not my favorite

The other day, I was emailed by a friend of a friend who told me that I was featured on a style blog. The site is called vainstyle.com and features all sorts of fun bits of information. Despite some crude comments it was really cool to be on the web page, dispite the look being far from one of my stylish looks.

Here take a look,

oh by the way - its still raining in Rio. I saw Jesus today only because the clouds parted for a short time. We were lucky. I wish we could have seen the view that is so famous, however, the focus was on Jesus, not the view. Maybe this is a sign.

I have a botton that belongs to somebody. I need to get home in order to give it back. I took it away for a long time, and it misses home.


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natalie said...

Always stylin' & profilin'. :)