Friday, January 30, 2009

a turn of the clock

This semester, thus far, has really pushed me mentally to grab hold of my time and manage it correctly. I have two classes that are extremely time consuming in and outside of class hours and I really want to exort the upmost effort in each of those classes. This I know, requires a vast amount of time. 

So, yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and start on my 100 Hour Drawing for my Advanced Drawing 3 class. Over the course of the Spring 2009 semester I am to at LEAST spend 100 hours on this one particular drawing. Last night, I was able to spend an hour and a half on it while Ben and Alex were studying in the Hendrix Library. What was most fun about this project is the fact that I would no longer worry what the art is about but how the art is made. My first layer is significant in the progression of the piece but most likely will not even be seen by the end of the semester. 

I really love the idea of a drawing storing tons of information on it, but only appearing to hold nothing at all. Much like the style of the artist Stefana McClure, who infuses an entire book or movie on to one sheet of paper, I want to be able to create work that takes a lot of my time and has a wonderful history.
Dream Life of Angels: English subtitles to a film by Erick Zonca, 2002, graphite paper mounted on rag, 17 x 21 inches
Breaking the Waves: closed captions to a film by Lars von Trier, 2002, wax transfer paper mounted on rag, 32.25 x 50.25 inches

I had the pleasure of meeting with Stefana during her visit to UCA early in the fall semester of 2008. She set up a workshop in which she taught her transfer processes, and what I most loved about her work is that she was so patient with it. She makes her own glue, from a recipe she learned in Japan. Her sensuality, however, really covered the paper well and in almost a compulsive order.

On a lighter note, I miss my bluebird. I get to hear him sing tonight, one of my favorite things. Oh, and I got bored yesterday and cut my own hair. ;]

[edit] Yes, I am going to cool shoes!

- Marko


natalie said...

Nice hairs!

& I cannot wait to see this art that you're makin'.

Katy said...
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Katy said...

will you not be at cool shoes? it's promised to be much better because a) it's 18 & up now and b) they did some renovation so there's a whole lot more room. if cody is finished early, you boys better come by! i miss seeing you two.

P.S. grammatical errors -- sorry! i had to fix them, hence the deletion of my first comment. :]

Dialith said...

I'm pretty excited about starting my 100 hr drawing.