Wednesday, February 25, 2009

>>>you are.

Dear Cody,

I know I tell you this over and over, but I couldn't resist it: thank you. You are a gift in my life that I will cherish from now and until then. I am more than thankful that you have entered my life; I cannot completely grasp your reality clashing with mine as something that is actually tangible. Yet, there you are, over and over again, putting a smile on my face. A smile that falls deeper and deeper into your trap, into your love.
I have never been able to be so comfortable with someone and be genuine at the same time. And time flies by so fast: five months, sir. You now make up for the longest relationship I have ever been in, congratulations. But, even that doesn't matter. Time is not relative to what I think, know, we have. Regardless of what goes on in this crazy life, I know that you'll be there right by my side. A comfort few people can even recognize other than fantasy. Bring me back into your arms and hold me tight, thats when I can fall asleep the best. It's late now, and I have a class in six hours, but I just wanted you to know that I love you so much.
Three dots,


Natalie Freeman said...

I'm so happy for your Mark! :)

love is so beautiful. :)

fawn & fern said...

goodness, i wanna cry reading this it's so darling!

i love you guys!

cody said...

you're good...

...real good.