Saturday, February 6, 2010

Barbara Jean's Window Instillation

Today I worked on the window instillation for Barbara Jean with Cody. He is in charge of doing the window and wanted to do something for Valentines day. At first, he wanted to do a simple painting of two cherubs flying in from both sides and aiming at the mannequins. So, he ask me to paint them. After one, I was not happy about doing another one. Reluctant to start on another naked baby with wings, I asked Cody if we could come up with compromise to his vision. I wanted to create one large cloud, made out of recycled materials, that the cherub was flying down from. The mannequins would be on the opposite side of this large cloud.

He said do it.

I started by making the clouds.

The structure is a cardboard like grid that is used in packaging. The tissue paper was collected at Forever 21, where I work - usually it all gets thrown away. Alex helped, too!

We were weving the tissue into the support, and taping the back. This was a very long process and after 2 hours - this was all that Alex and I had accomplished...

To save time, we would just have to hot-clue the tissue and coffee filters to the support. Cody and I worked on making one other strip like in the picutre above, after we finished the first one. Last night, Courtney and Erin, who work with me, came over to Cody's and we had drinks, pizza and worked on some more clouds.

Today, we actually got to be inside the window to install.

We started construction with the skeleton of the cloud. We used the same packaging material for this part of the installation.

Then we added, piece by piece, the collaged tissues sections to the skeleton.

We filled holes with white trash bags and bubble wrap. In order to give the cloud more luminosity, we added lights.

Last, we added the cherub and the mannequins. Return to see the finish look - I wanted to wait until it was dark to get a good overall picture.



Kristen said...

This looks really cool! Thanks a lot for leaving me hanging though...I want to see it finished! I suppose I will be able to wait. :)

INK de Stevo said...

This is killer.

Anonymous said...

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