Wednesday, January 21, 2009

if you only knew...

After a long day at classes, I would really enjoy a nice long nap. I have been up for a long while because I spent the night at Alex's house last night with Ben Stamp. We shared a great time last night just hanging out and drinking together. It was then, that we officially decided that we are going to be living with each other next semester. Regardless if we get a house to buy or if we just rent: Alex, Ben, Daniel, and I will all be in a house together. I am excited.

But, back to the nap. I am extremely tired but find it hard to fall asleep. My favorite type of naps are shared in Little Rock while lying in cold, yet extremely comfortable sheets, wearing my brand new PJ's that I got out of my own dresser door, while listening to a muffled TV in the background, and curled up next to Cody. It is during these kind of naps where deep sleep finds us a peaceful dream.

That is what I need right now.

AND, yes, I am fully aware of how this picture makes my hands look remarkably similar to a baby doll's. So save yourself the comments, ;] Ha!



fawn & fern said...

haha i freaking love you with that baby doll hands reference! 'cause they really really do! ahh, i'm laughing.

well, i hope you enjoy your nap & i hope you have beautiful dreams of your love while you slumber!

also, we are congratulating nat on her ENGAGEMENT!
crazy, eh?!

Katy said...

all i have to say is this:
"with my by myself!"

also, looks like i need to find different renters.

cody said...

baby hands = you should be ashamed of yourself.


good luck napping!

miss you.