Saturday, January 17, 2009

home is where your heart is

Coming home from Conway is always a difficult task for me to accomplish because I have no car and must always rely on other people. This, obviously, gets tremendously frustrating after several encounters of miscommunication or faulty assumptions of kindness.
 So, when my mom asked if there was anyway for me to make it home on Friday night for Miles' extremely important game against his previous high school, the high school from which I graduated, in Cabot, I was in a pickle. I knew some people were returning home to Little Rock, but was unable to reach them before they made it back already. With a cry for help, I extended my voice through facebook.


For the most part, I had no answer and was completely devastated because for once I actually wanted to see Miles' game. My crestfallen thoughts were swirling around in a circle much like the water in a toilet bowl, and some how I was looking down at it all in disappointment.  However, these feelings did not last long because Katie England came to my rescue. She offered to take me home, and while in town she could do some much needed laundry in exchange for ten dollars in gas money. "Dealio," I said. We left after five minutes. 
The car ride was fun because I got to touch base with her about her break. We were classmates in our first semester in college and attended the same high school. Time flew by and the next thing I know, we were at the drive way of my house.


It was only recently that I have decided to rekindle my unconditional love of my family and actually be able to express it. I guess that's just part of growing up. I was excited to see my dad, and I could tell it was mutual because as I walked in the door he was taking freshly made cinnamon raisin cookies out of the oven, just for me. We shared these cookies over milk and the headed to Miles' game, two hours early like always. My parents like to be the first one's there and the last one's to leave. Its hilarious.
The game itself was a good one: Miles played amazing and so did his team. They definitely shut down North Little Rock early. It was enlightening to see Miles' so grown up. If there could be one thing that I learned from my Brazil trip, it was that I missed Miles. We were practically best friends growing up, but in high school I tried to separate myself from him, and it worked. We grew apart, sadly. But now, I want to be his best friend again. I want to laugh with him and be simultaneously  goofy and weird. I sense that Miles feels the same way, so we are headed on the right path again. 
Because I went to Miles' game, I missed Cody's second show at the new bar Off Center. Yet, he and I both know that this game was more than a game, it was quality time spent with my family. This is exactly why I decided to stay home in my own bed and wake up to his phone call. [I can always pretend.]


Today I have a lot to do! With my new semester filled with time consuming classes, I cannot afford to be behind. Like the retched Harmony, I have already begun brainstorming for my three drawing I have to complete in advanced figure and experimental drawing class. Here's what I have got so far:
- minimal composition
- materials: ink, white out pen, pencil, and sharpie
The rest, I can't let you know about! I don't want the internet world prying into my creative processes. I will update, soon enough, with a picture perhaps.


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Tori said...

aww, i'm so happy it worked out so well for you.

i'm glad we got to catch up, too. it was quite lovely!