Thursday, January 15, 2009

so it goes.

Battling the cold, no car and a crowd of hungry lesbians, I managed to make it out to the opening of a new bar downtown called Off Center. The place is based of the ideas proposed by the extraordinary musical talent of Buddy Habig, a friend of Cody's who recently passed away before Christmas. The idea was simple: provide a piano bar for entertainment. Despite the terrible loss, the bar was opened with beautiful and energetic music that is only the result of  Cody Belew. Watching him perform is one of my favorite things to do; he truly is entertainment. There was quite a crowd, too - over 300 people joined in on the fun. If it had not been for Emily Wright, I would have never been able to see my bluebird sing. 

Shortly after the show was over, we headed back to Cody's to get some rest. My first day of classes were today and I had an eight o'clock class. He managed to get me on campus ten minutes before my class, but I had a slight problem. URSA, my internet scheduler, was not working so I had no idea where my class was located. I knew, however, that it was in Mashburn. I thought my building was located at the center of campus, so I ran to the student center and hoped that across from it was my building. Of course, it wasn't. So, I made a frantic run around the buildings in search for Mashburn. And then it hit me - Mashburn is right across from my dorm. 

So, like an idiot I raced back across campus to where I practically started. I went up stairs because I was only following the signs that said, Pyschology department second floor. Nothing, no classes at all. Shit again, all over a pillow case. Finally, I found the classroom on the first floor, the very class I passed going up the stairs. I sat in for three minutes before we were dismissed. What a wonderful way to start the semester.

 I am an official loser.

- Marko


Tori said...

hahaha, shit happens...
i can't wait to reunite soon!

Daysha said...

aw, i'm sorry, mark.
first days never matter anyways.. so no worries.
(ps. i have probably one of the most attractive men i have seen in my life .. as a teacher, oh yes.)
and he's young.
ohh yes.

Katy said...

taylor and i were 20 minutes late to our reporting class because we both thought that the other knew the room number. holy shit. your story kicks ours' ass. that's funny, though... you told taylor it was in the center of campus, but i luckily checked the map before leaving for class and told her where it was. i should have called you, but your phone is probably still dead. i'm sorry! :]

P.S. daysha? hello student/teacher fraternization! :]

cody said...

damn right you were 10 minutes early!!