Tuesday, April 21, 2009

>> 20 hours left

I wish there was enough time in art students lives to sleep. I am working on my continuous drawing that I started at the beginning of this semester. So far I have put in around 80 hours into this one drawing. Here is what it looks like as of right now:
Its due on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - Cody's birthday.
Wish me luck.
AND... "No, I won't tell you your present."



Daysha said...

i like this.. and i like that cat power is playing right now.. i like you too, and i like your face.. especially your eyes. they have depth in them. and i like your style. and i like your soul.

no no, i love you.

Emmadime said...

looks great so far!
I feel ya on the no sleep thing for art students...
It doesn't seem fair sometimes :)

sleepy fawn said...

i cannot agree with you more.
I can barely remember not being constantly stressed out and swamped with art projects. Sleep always sounds like such a dream!