Monday, July 27, 2009

>> I feel it all

The week is such an important on in our family's history. Michael, my oldest brother is getting married. The entire family is out here in California, where he and his "soon to be wife", Kaci live. The weather has been incredible. Yesterday, we spent the entire day at Garry's 13,000 sqft mansion in Calabazas [it even had an indoor racket court]. It was so nice of him to open his doors, offer his homemade wine and allow us to cook out and relax. To add to the good news, Cody and I celebrated our ten months yesterday. It is really amazing just how fast time flies by. And the good news just keeps coming, I have a picture of the witch I am illustrating for Cody's children's book. Her name is Grinucha - don't hesitate to laugh. ;] 

Today, we are helping Michael move some of his clothes into his new apartment with Kaci. They live in Soho - beautiful place. I will try to upload pictures soon. After that, I think we are going to do a little shopping and get ready for Michael's bachelor party. 

- Marko


fawn & fern said...

this will be SO awesome!
i can't wait to see it.
hope you're having fun on the west coast!

cody said...

I just LOVE this witch!