Sunday, January 4, 2009

the water was cold

Today I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock, hoping to be suprized by the brilliant rays of sun that was yesterday, but, to my luck and everyone else´s who are visiting Rio de Janeiro, there was none.

It is cloudy, windy and sprinkling rain over the beautiful view of my hotel window of the Copacabana port. Why does it have to be like this today? Hmmph. Wait let me rewind some things that have happened since the last entry. Since then, I have had Christmas, gone to the beach and had new years. From December 25, until now, I have not had the internet because we were at an appartment in Guaraja that was unable to reach the wonderful world of the internet.

Not much has changed though, I still miss everyone deeply and will miss even more my days spent with my best friend. Which, on this trip, we have discovered why we are even friends. Once over dinner we were sharing laughter when Camila asked me why were such good pals. We had never really thought about it before, and we didn´t have a clear distinctive answer until one restless night at the beach appartment. We think about the same subject all the time. This subject will remain only to those close to me, so if you want to know just ask. Its odd, I thought I was alone in thinking these things, yet there is Camila right under my nose. Best friends forever, no doubt.

After jumping my seven waves on the Brazilian shore, I am positive that this year will be a good one. I am ready to stay commited to my wishes and resolutions. Are you?

I need my button fixed.


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You better shut that mouth!!